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  • One-hour screening can help to save your life

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About ‘Know Your Health Now’

Health screening from Know Your Health Now can help detect issues, when they’re easier to treat. Our technologists and physicians have years of clinical experience in the nation’s leading medical centers. We understand disease and how to diagnose it.

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Preventative Screening


Preventative Screening

Preventative health screenings can save your life. We feel everyone deserves accurate knowledge about their health so they can preserve it and in cases when disease is found slow, stop or reverse it! We arm our patients with important information about their health that they can share with their doctors.

From $69-$199


Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic Testing

During your discussions with your doctor, it may be determined you need further diagnostic testing. We partner with the top doctors in the nation and offer our patients ultrasounds, echocardiograms, and other testing services with the most up-to-date equipment.

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  • We’re pleased to announce we’ve partnered with Dr. Partha Nandi from the Ask Dr. Nandi show!

What Our Clients Say

“I received health screening test services to help determine the possible presence of any health problems…   The tests did reveal a minor heart condition I never knew I had – and having the full imaging report and files has made it easy for me to follow up with my general healthcare practitioner… The entire experience was well worth the time. I was equipped with good information, which helped me take action.”